The Hutchings Farm Transportation Development District (TDD) is a political subdivision organized in March, 2004, to fund various road improvements at the Highway K/Hutchings Farm Drive intersection.  The TDD consists of the property comprising the Plaza at Hutchings Farm.  The TDD was formed under the provisions of Chapter 238, R.S.Mo.  The TDD incurred bonded indebtedness to pay for the road project. 

Craven Properties LLC has been appointed by the TDD Board as Administrator of the District.

Transportation development districts are empowered by statute to impose a sales tax in increments of 1/8% up to one percent (1%) on the purchase price of tangible personal property or taxable service sold at retail. This sales tax is collected by the Missouri Department of Revenue. The Hutchings Farm TDD has, by resolution, imposed a 1% sales tax. Proceeds of this sales tax are used to make payments to retire the TDD's bonded indebtedness and to pay the expenses of the TDD.

Hutchings Farm Plaza, LLC (the Landlord), has included in most tenant leases a separate 1% TD fee, on the purchase price of services not taxable under the Missouri Sales Tax statutes.  This fee is imposed and collected by the Landlord, not by the District. The Landlord has agreed that the TD fee will be forwarded to the District.